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Top 10 Things My 2-Year-Old LOVES!

This summer has been extremely busy for me. I also just returned to work in a building, with a full staff of people and young children. So, maybe you can imagine the anxiety I’m feeling, but if you can’t, it is quite an overwhelming feeling. So, this blog post is not going to be heavy at all. I didn’t want to evoke any feelings reminiscing about my baby’s early life, so I thought I would keep it light this month by talking about Casey’s favorite things he is using or playing with these days.

Casey stays quite busy loading up his patients on the stretcher and taking them to the

hospital in the #battattoys ambulance. He usually finds patients that were involved in a fire

that he put out with his fire truck or from an airplane crash.

Casey loves to pretend to spray water on pretend fires. He also rolls the fire truck up and

down the sofa.

Casey flies this airplane to various destinations, using his little people from various toys to

fill the flight. This plane is often in a crash with patients being transported in the ambulance

to the hospital.

We dig, dump and transport everything (even food) with these construction vehicles. These

are his ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. They even go in the bathtub with him.

We build towers and knock them down over and over again. Casey also uses these blocks

with his construction vehicles.

This is a bed time favorite for Casey. He not only loves to move his body parts like the

animals, but he laughs uncontrollably when I wriggle my hips like the crocodile and kick like

a donkey. I haven’t seen myself in a mirror, but it’s probably quite funny.

We have read this book so much that the alligator’s head had to be repaired several times

and the spine is no longer intact.

This water bottle is a must have. It is slim enough to fit in the cup of Casey’s car seat and

keeps liquids cold for a long period of time. I think he drinks more water when he uses this

cup, but that cold just be in my head. LOL!

Water play is always a hit for summer time fun. He didn’t enjoy it at first, but loves it now.

You will probably have to add more animals to this farm house because it only comes with

one cow, pig, horse and chicken, but Casey loves to pretend play with the animals and


If you have any products you would like to share, please leave them in the comments section so we can try. We love books, so we are always looking for reading suggestions. We definitely need some indoor activity recommendations for the winter.

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