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Tiffany Markey Jacobs
Welcome to The Unedited Midlife Mommy Experience

Hello and welcome to my midlife mommy life.

I am Tiffany Markey Jacobs, a Speech-Language Pathologist, Stationery Designer, Army Wife to Brian

and Midlife Mommy to Casey.

My mommy experience started when I learned of my surprise blessing at the age of 46. My pregnancy came with lots

of joys, expectations, questions, and anxiety. Having a new baby at the age of 47 came with so much more.

The Unedited Midlife Mommy Experience was created to not only share my personal experiences as a brand new midlife

mommy, but also to foster conversation about becoming a new mother over the age of 40. I am hoping this blog and

forum will provide information to women who have questions about becoming a mother later in life, as well as provide information for those who are in the thick of it all and trying to figure things out (like me).

Please ask questions, share information, and contribute to the discussion. This is a NO JUDGEMENT zone!

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